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Laboratorio di decorazione su carta Florence, 165-img1--2014-03-09+16.03.44.jpg - found workshop in Tuscany

Siamo un´azienda a conduzione familiare che si occupa di decorazione su carta (mediante un particolare procedimento di disegno su speciale colla) e rivestimento o creazione di piccoli oggetti da arredamento, rivestiti con carta Fiorentina come scatol...
farmhouse no_img1.gif Agriturismo Montevaso Montevaso - found workshop in Tuscany
The estate is Agroforestry Montevaso in the town of Chianni, on the provincial road at km 17.500 Montevaso, and covers an area of ​​over 400 hectares of mainly woodland, pasture, olive grove, orchard and kitchen garden.The territory has a ...
mail me farmhouse Agriturismo Montevaso Montevaso - found workshop in Tuscany  |  Phone up  |  Fhotos  |  Description  |  Map
Shrine of Santa Caterina da Siena 138-img1--santuar.jpg  - found workshop in Tuscany
This is really a group of buildings constructed from 1464 onwards, on the place where Santa Caterina´s family home was.The Shrine consists of an upper Oratory, which was once the kitchen; the lower Oratory which was her father´s workshop (he wa ...
Piazza Jacopo della Quercia 154-img1--piaz.jpg Siena - found workshop in Tuscany
Before you walk up the short but steep Via del Castoro, notice on the right the Palazzo delle Papesse, today an important center for contemporary art. Now, going up Via del Castoro, you come out in Piazza Jacopo della Quercia. This square is what would hav ...
Former psychiatric Hospital 157-img1--osped.jpg Siena - found workshop in Tuscany
Now continuing in the direction of the Roman Gate, built starting in 1327, we go through the big iron gate of the former Psychiatric Hospital. Built in the late nineteenth century on the remains of the fourteenth century Convent of San Niccolò, the ...
Davanzati Museum 33-img1--firenze-palazzo-davanzati.jpg Siena - found workshop in Tuscany
The Davanzati Museum is housed in the palace of the same name. This splendid building is one of the few surviving examples of the typical Florentine 14th-century home and is halfway between a medieval tower and a Renaissance palace.Built around the 1450s b ...
Museo dell´Opifico delle pietre dure 36-img1--opificiopietredure.gif Florence - found workshop in Tuscany
The museum was founded in 1588 by the Grand Duke Ferdinando I, who established a workshop to produce the rare or precious stones for the decoration of the Chapel of Princes. In 1796, Pietro Leopoldo had the Opificio transferred to its present headquarters ...
Datini Palace 362-img1--palazzodatini_02.jpg Florence - found workshop in Tuscany
The Palazzo Datini was the famous trader Francesco di Marco Datini´s house (Prato 1335-1410). The first nucleus of the building was a house bought by Datini in 1354 and immediatly submitted to restoration works. Around 1390 the house was entrusted to ...
S. Domenico´s Church interior 377-img1--domeni1.jpg Prato - found workshop in Tuscany
In contrast with the medieval exterior of the church there is the internal seventeeth century structure. The wide nave is formed by ten great aedicule altars organized by niches with a barrel vault.The baroque choir stalls tu golden and laquered wooden and ...
Palazzo Mansi National Museum and Gallery 398-img1--mansi.jpg Prato - found workshop in Tuscany
The picture gallery is housed on the piano nobile of the 18th-century Palazzo Mansi that is evidence of the exquisite taste of Lucca´s artists and patrons. The piano nobile´s interiors are decorated with 17th to 19th-century furniture and texti ...
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